Thursday, April 30, 2009


Succumbed Synonyms: 1. submit, accede, surrender.

A few weeks ago, I was meeting with a committee that I'm a part of at church....our Children's Council. We meet a few times per year to discuss different things, opportunities, etc. in the children's ministry program. Our children's pastor, Nathan, leads the meeting and informs us of things he would like to try or things he is thinking about implementing. At this meeting, we discussed how technology is completely taking over the lives of our children. One fact, he had learned at a conference, was that 1 in 5 one year olds have a TV in their room.....YES I SAID ONE YEAR OLDS!!!!! Help Me Henry....what does a one year old do with a TV?? I, by no means, am trying to pass judgement on anyone for having a TV in their child's room....that is a decision made by that family for that family; but I will tell you that I am confused as to what a one year old would do with a TV in his/her room. I will also tell you that I don't believe in having TV in my children's room. Honestly I am not a huge fan of TV for kids at all.
We then discussed how most children, in today's society, have a cell phone, a WII, access to or their own computer, hand held vidoe games, etc. Again this is a personal family decision for you and your family, but I don't believe all these things are necessary....and I'm not just saying that because we couldn't afford these things if we wanted to....and I'm not saying that my children don't have a few of these things. What I am saying is I believe these things are NOT necessary. I remember Addi having a homework assignment that was to be done on a computer, and I said "Well we don't have a printer." And she said, her teacher said; "Go to the library and use theirs." Well that put me in my place and although that may have been a little more inconvenient, it was very true....there are ways to use a computer if you don't own one. I have been trying to think of things that we could cut out of our budget to help our money go farther, and one of them is cell phones.....I said I've been thinking about it....have I done it?? No sirree!!!! Will I do it???? I am still trying to convince myself that I don't really need a cell phone. I don't need a cell phone.....what if the school needs to reach me???? They were able to handle situations before I had a cell phone until they could reach me at home. What if my car breaks down??? I have borrowed someone's cell phone before to call NPayne and tell him I needed help. What if I need to call NPayne while he's on his way home and ask him to pick up some milk, so I don't have to wake a sleeping baby???? I can always run get it after he's arrived. Really I don't need a cell phone, but society has made it where we feel like we do need a cell phone....people need to reach you anywhere at anytime for any reason. I'm not laying blame, I'm just saying that's the way it is. I also told NPayne when he brought home our cell phones, that I didn't need unlimited texting, a blue tooth, a car charger, etc. So he did return the blue tooth, and he uses the car charger; but I have been convinced by my own use that I do need (or should I say want) unlimited texting. I have begun to text much more often now, and some of my friends don't really even answer their phones but only respond to texts. So how would I reach them??? Uh well I could tell them that I don't text, and I only call; I bet they would answer if they knew that. I have to admit that I have succumbed to texting, and although there are things that drive me NUTS about it; I actually like texting.....I have never been a fan of talking on the phone....I remember my parents getting me my own phone and phone # when I was a teenager and thinking to myself....hmmmm I wonder why they did that? As for texting, I am very slow but getting much faster; and I don't have a phone that is very conducive to know the kind....where you have to push the #2 three times to type a letter C? I find that a little annoying and a waste of time, but I am not going to get rid of a perfectly good cell phone to make my texting life easier. Also being an English teacher/major, I have a real issue with incorrect grammar, punctuation and abbreviation; so the use of....BTW for By The Way, or UR for You Are or Your, or THX for Thanks, or 2 for To literally drive me about bonkers; BUT again I have succumbed. My texting skills are sooooo slow, that I have succumbed to using some of these abbreviations; BUT I am NOT happy about it....not one little bit!

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