Sunday, April 12, 2009

It's All About the Cross!!!

Easter is one of my favorite holidays!!! Our family has a lot of traditions and a lot of fun....even though it almost always rains or is very cold, we have a great day of celebration! It's always nice to get a few treats!!!
We will go to our friends' house later on today to have a great feast, hunt eggs, and play outside....rain or shine! Notice my church pew's slowly making it's way into my house....YEA....thanks to my hunk of a husband who is moving it in for me! It weighs a ton!

Getting dressed up to go to worship is always a fun thing to do as well....Elliot is wearing an outfit that all 3 of her sisters have worn before....her hat is a little mis shapen and out of sorts, but she insisted on wearing it. NPayne referred to her as the Easter pirate...Hee Hee! And although we enjoy dressing up, hunting eggs, getting Easter surprises.....we always REMEMBER.....

It's all about the Cross,
the Sacrifice,
the Ressurection,
the LOVE!
And we will remember to say....



Following Him said...

I LOVE the kid picture of all 5...they are so precious! Also-the picts below are BEAUTIFUL!
Happy Easter :)

Alicia said...

Oh, I love that picture of them all!! I also like how they're all matching! Too cute!!!!