Thursday, April 16, 2009

Which Payne baby is it?

In the previous post, I posted a picture of one of my children as a baby and asked ...Which Payne baby do you think this is? I had 2 responses, from really good friends, who have known my children for a long time; and they both guessed that it was CAL! Sorry friends, but it's not's actually Elliot; but that just makes me realize even more that they do all look a lot alike! I also received another comment that said....Lucky, no make that Blessed, YOU! And I am going to have to wholeheartedly agree with that statement. Actually I don't believe in luck....ANYMORE, but I do believe in blessings! Thanks for the comments and the guesses. I love to read comments!


Alicia said...

I think the same way, Lorie! Not lucky, just blessed!!!

The Blankenship Family said...

I thought it was Cal too! Little Miss Ellie has been adorable from the very beginning. I wanted to just kiss the computer monitor screen!!!!