Wednesday, April 15, 2009


"Lucky You!"....was the response I heard today when someone asked me...."How many children do you have?" That's the kind of response I love hearing.
The other day I was asked this question..."You have 3 girls?"
When I answered with.... "I have 4 girls....
....and 1 boy!"

All heads turned to stare, as if they were searching for my children in a crowd, but nobody said a word....not even the person who asked the question. They all just stared....actually some gawked. Silence is an acceptable response, gawking....not so much, it's a little awkward....or at least it should be; but you would be surprised (or maybe you wouldn't....especially those of you who have bunches of babes) at how many folks gawk. I've even seen some do a head count as we walk in somewhere(which always makes me giggle) if astonished that we have 5 children.....I like to think of that as a if they are thinking to themselves....she sure doesn't look old enough to have 5 children and WOW is she thin (wink wink...joking of course)! The astonished response always makes me giggle and a little curious as well, mainly because I don't think 5 children is a lot....17 that's a lot!

However when I get one of the following responses...."Are you crazy?" "What were you thinking?" "Don't you know how babies are made?" "How are you going to pay for their college?" "You've got your hands full!"
I just snicker to myself....give some polite response and think....

....they don't know what they're missing!!!

And what they usually have no IDEA about is.....that I would have had 5 more in a heartbeat....I mean look at that baby, wouldn't you? (Big Smile)! And to answer one of the above questions..."If having a house full of children makes someone assume I'm crazy, then YES I AM CRAZY and PROUD OF IT!" And to answer another question...."YES I KNOW HOW BABIES ARE MADE, but that's between me and NPayne and God of course; since HE is really their creator!"
Which Payne baby do you think this is?


The older, larger and non-famous John Stewart said...


Always great to read your blog... keep it up!

Alicia said...

Lorie...I will DITTO this post!! I love having five kids too. It's funny to hear peoples reactions when they find out. I think it's because in this day and age, it's almost unheard of to have more than 2 or 3 kids....let alone 5!! I just love having all my kids too..even when there are days they are driving me up the wall..LOL!!!

Hmm..the baby?? Not sure, but I'll just guess and say that that is your "baby!" LOL

Anonymous said...

that would be Cal, yes?

Anonymous said...

Lucky, no, make that BLESSED you!

Lori of I'm no super Mom said...

I love it! Go you for having 5, I would love more!