Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Say A Prayer If You Get A Minute...

If you get a minute....or think about it....maybe right after you read this....say a prayer for my Lifelong Friend, Leslie....her baby boy Shiloh's due date was today. It's a bittersweet day.... I'm thrilled that Shiloh is with his maker, but I'm heart broken that I'm not at the hospital holding that precious newborn baby boy.
When Leslie told me she was expecting a baby last Fall, I was ecstatic and never once, not even for a minute did I think that I would not be at the hospital on April 28th or maybe a few days before greeting this precious new life. I never wondered or doubted that this would happen. Although Leslie had a sixth sense that she might not be holding her baby today, I never once had a doubt UNTIL she went into the hospital in December. I had been praying for peace for Leslie and for her and the baby to be healthy from the day I found out she was expecting, but I never doubted that all would be fine UNTIL December.
When she lost her son, Chet, 3 1/2 years ago; she called me the day before and sounded really nervous about her checkup and said "I think I've been praying for the wrong thing!" I remember hanging up the phone and feeling very uneasy, and not sleeping much that night as I waited to hear what her checkup the next day would reveal. It was not the news I wanted to receive. When she called me before she went for her checkup in December, I heard that same nervousness in her voice; and I began to feel a little uneasy but still confident that all would be fine. I mean she can't lose 2 children....she just can't.....that will never happen! Then when she nearly lost her own life.....I kept thinking....women don't die in childbirth, this is 2009! Well guess what....they do....praise GOD she didn't, but she did suffer....another devastating loss of a child.
I think questioning God might be a natural instinct, but after witnessing the good that God has brought from the loss of Chet....I find myself waiting to see what good He is going to bring from the loss of Shiloh; and I will tell you....that He has already. If you ever had the chance to meet Leslie and Jeff (and I wish every single one of you could)....you would see, through their witness, that He has brought good. After they lost their first son, I think that is one of the first times that I have witnessed people's lives changing for the better from such a heartbreaking occurence.....mine being one of them. I'm not trying to minimalize their grief....BELIEVE me they are grieving. We are all still heartbroken and wishing we had 2 little boys' hair to tossle and tummies to tickle, but I have seen people brought closer to our Lord through both of these losses....it is oftentimes through heartbreaking tears, but it's happening. I'm speaking strictly from what I've witnessed....I am not speaking for Leslie.
I do know that she and Jeff are wondering where God is leading them, but they know through their losses good has and will come! As for how Leslie feels today....the day she should be nursing her baby....I honestly can't imagine her feelings! So if you get a minute, say a prayer for her!

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snoodlings.com said...

Reminder dates can be so very hard.

I prayed for your friend this morning and have asked God to bring her to my mind so that I will continue to pray for her.