Friday, April 24, 2009

It Came Out!!!!

Do you know what this is???? Any guesses???? It's Cal's tooth!!!!

It's the only tooth, that he's ever lost, that we have actually seen after it has come out!!!

Having a child with autism, guarantees you a few things.....
1. There are certain circumstances where you know EXACTLY what he will do!
2. There are certain circumstances where you have absolutely no idea what he will do!
Of course you get those guarantees with "typical" children as well. The difference for us is.....we never knew how Cal would handle things emotionally. We were so nervous about him losing his first tooth.....Would he completely freak out by the taste and sight of blood? Would he be so bothered by the hole in his mouth that he wouldn't eat? What if he lost it at school, would the rest of his day be a complete disaster? Honestly we had no idea what to expect, none, not even an inkling!!!!
This is how it happened, he got into the car one afternoon after school; and his teacher said...."Cal came back from lunch, and his tooth was gone! I asked him what happened, and he just said....'It came out!'" I couldn't believe it, could NOT believe that was it. I had built it up to be this possible traumatic event, and that was how he handled it...."It came out!" I immediately started asking him where it was...."Cal, where is your tooth?" "It came out!", he would say. "Cal, did you throw it away?" "Yes!", he would say. "Cal, did you swallow it?" "Yes!", he would say. I don't think he really knew what to do about this foreign object lying loose in his mouth, so he got rid of it somewhere somehow. Who knows what he did with it. That first lost tooth was a little disappointing for Addi though. She was so concerned about him not having a tooth to leave under his she left a read something like this....My brother doesn't know where his tooth is, can you please leave him something anyway? It's his first tooth!
Every since that first tooth....Cal will walk in the door, get in the car, come down the stairs each time he has lost a tooth and say....."It came out!"
Until this tooth, pictured above, we have never seen his lost teeth; and we have no idea what he does with them. That would be a little frightening and gross to think about, but since Cal is obsessively neat and tidy; I am absolutely positive that he doesn't leave them lying around or hide them. I am positive that he either throws them away or flushes them or perhaps even swallows them. I bet you're wondering, did Addi's plea after he lost his first tooth work? You bet it did. I think he got a quarter, but then again; he didn't really give a flip one way or the that time, he had no idea what money was....he is just now starting to understand money and its value....but that's a whole other post waiting to be written.

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Lizze said...

Yay for the first full lost tooth experience! :)