Thursday, April 23, 2009

I was driving down the road, I had just dropped Addi off at Bible Study. I had just picked Drew up from piano, the other 3 children were also in the car with me; and for a moment it was quiet as we listened to the radio. Before the first word was sung, Drew said...."This is the new Miley Cyrus song." I said, "I don't think it is....we are listening to Christian radio, and I've never heard a Miley Cyrus song on this station." After about 10 seconds, I realized she was was the song called...."The Climb!" I said,"This is the song they played at Jayla's funeral, I didn't realize Miley Cyrus sang it." As I was approaching the stop light, I glanced over my shoulder at Drew while I made that statement. She had a big, sad smile on her face and was gazing out the window as if remembering something. While continuing to gaze out the window, she said...."Jayla loved Hannah Montana. She had a Hannah Montana backpack, a Hannah Montana pencil, a Hannah Montana lunchbox..."! Drew never looked at me, and it was probably a good thing; because I began to cry....I cried the entire way to church as I thought about the grief that Jayla's family and so many others (including my Drew) are feeling. I remembered what my friend, Leslie, had told me after her first son died....she said "I am going to need prayers every single day to get me through this....every single day for the rest of our lives!" I said a quiet prayer for Jayla's family, and I looked at my little girl gazing out the window in deep thought. I realized that Drew is still grieving. It has only been a few weeks, since Jayla died; and I think this could explain her mood swings....she's happy, she's grouchy, she's falling apart, she's yelling at someone, she's laughing with that same someone she just yelled at. She needs some prayers to help her deal with the loss of her friend. I need to continue to pray for my sweet little girl, and I will.

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