Friday, May 1, 2009

Can you say EXHAUSTED?????????????

"CAL....CALLAHAN....Time to go to the park!" NO ANSWER!!!! Hmmmm....I thought to myself, I bet he's..... ASLEEP!!!!
When I went upstairs to check, sure enough....he was cutting some HARD zzzzzzz's!!

As a baby and young boy, Cal would wake frequently at night. He would never wake NPayne and I up, but we could hear him laughing and talking to himself....for hours at a time....during the night. He would go for months, without sleeping through the night, and then he would sleep great for a month or so. As he's gotten older, it's reversed....he sleeps great for months at a time....then he will wake up every night for weeks on end. He has been in a "non sleeping" phase lately, so he really hasn't slept through the night since right before Easter....NPayne has found him at the computer in the middle of the night, Drew has come down in the dead of night and told us that he is keeping her awake with his talking and giggling upstairs, I have heard his little feet walking around upstairs at all hours of the night.
Eventually he will crash and burn....which is what he did yesterday. His Special Ed. teacher told me he even dozed off at school for about 15 minutes yesterday. I've talked with other parents of children with Autism who say their children have crazy sleep patterns as well. I will say that his sleep patterns are getting more consistent, but after a few weeks with not enough sleep....he is a BEAR!!!

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