Wednesday, July 1, 2009

A Bathroom Post....May Not Be Exciting To You....But Very Exciting To Me!

All my babes in their "bathtub" pictures!
Our only hooks to hang towels or anything on in our old but cute bathroom.

I love my shower curtain, but it's falling apart at the seams.....Literally!
Our big window! This is storage in our old but cute houses storage for all 7 of us!
So in our house, a big house, a fairly roomy house (especially now that we are clearing out all of our junk valuable stuff), a house with plenty of space, a house that's over 100 years old; BUT a house with 2 teeny tiny that we had built upstairs, and the original old but cute little one downstairs....I guess I should be thankful that there was actually a bathroom and not an outhouse when we bought our 100 year old house. Our old but cute little bathroom downstairs is definitely the family favorite, because honestly.....who wants to track up the stairs to use the bathroom if you are not already up the stairs??? Who??? Nobody I know....especially not me! The upstairs bathroom sees its fair share of action, but mainly by the people who occupy the upstairs and mainly when they are already upstairs....they don't track up there just to use it, so this means they often use the old but cute little bathroom downstairs which by the way isn't really cute YET; BUT it will be soon which is what this post is really about....well that and my definition of "sharing a bathroom". Honestly I don't mind sharing the bathroom....I really don't....most of my buttercups have actually mastered the art of knocking when the door is shut and waiting for me to invite them to come on in, BUT there are still a few who will remain nameless (but they would be the youngest in our abode) who still barge on knocking, no waiting for an invitation, just barging. No matter what you're doing in the bathroom....really NO MATTER WHAT, they don't seem to let it interfere with whatever their immediate and apparently urgent need is at that very moment....I need more milk, I can't button my pants, Can I get on the computer? Will you read me this book? When I reply with.... "I'll help you in a minute. I'd like a little privacy." OR "Remember you're suppose to knock when the bathroom door is shut." OR "I'm in the shower, so you're going to have to wait or ask someone else to help you." a very happy, patient and calm voice....which I do :)....I have noticed that they oftentimes seem to let those happy, patient and calm words go in one ear and out the other. As a matter of fact, sometimes they continue to stand there staring blankly at me....with the bathroom door wide they didn't understand what I said which in turn makes me want to say...."GET OUT OF THE BATHROOM IMMEDIATELY....please!" Then there are the times when I'm in the shower and all of the sudden I'm joined by a little person who is half naked and trying to get in with me while still trying to remove some articles of clothing that she can't seem to shed on her own. That always just makes me giggle. I don't mind sharing our old but soon to be cute little downstairs bathroom, but really I would rather take turns than actually share the space while I'm actually in it doing what you do in the bathroom. You get my my book, "sharing a bathroom" means taking turns....not actually being in the space brushing my teeth while someone is on the in agreement here? I thought so. My old but soon to be cute bathroom is about to get a makeover....not a huge makeover, because we that's not in our budget; but a definite makeover....and I AM is NPayne....well he will be when I tell him about it ;)! I'll post pictures as the makeover begins, is in process and then....drum role please....the finished project....then it really will be old but cute....and it will still be little too; but for will have to settle with before pictures of our old little bathroom.

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Alicia said...

LOL, my little ones are the same way too! For some reason, it's always when I'm in the bathroom that they need me!!!

Can't wait to see the work in progress!@!