Friday, July 24, 2009

Tip of The Day....Don't Throw It Out....Give It A Facelift!

Can you believe that this desk use to have Dora the Explorer and Boots painted all over it? It was Drew's 3rd birthday present, and she loved it. It was getting a little ragged, and honestly it was just plain ugly....shhhhh....don't tell Drew I said that; so Addi and Drew and I gave it a new look. This desk had really good bones, is really well constructed and has been very useful. Now it's Elliot's desk, and she LOVES it; and so do I! We primed and painted and distressed it, then the decopage took over. We added some flowers as accents as well.
The desk top is my FAVORITE....I used the last little bit of this vintage wrapping paper that I had! I LOVE that paper and wish I had tons of it. I have used it on many other things, but now it's about gone :(!

This is the cup holder which I love. Elliot puts her cup of crayons or milk in there while she's coloring or having a snack!
The collage for the back!!! I have been looking for something to use the bandana paper on, and this was it. The rest of the paper was scraps that I had used for other projects and knew I would be able to use it somewhere else...and VOILA....this was the somewhere else.
She is a princess!!
Seat back and a pink doily for her bum.
The seat opens up for storage....genius!
Some decopage, cute paper, flowers and cute fabric trim!
Side view!
Other side view!
Back View!
Elliot's view....including her cup of milk in the cup holder.
Enjoying her "new" desk!
If it has good bones, is well constructed, and is very useful: but is ugly or ragged looking.....don't throw it out....give it a "new" look!

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Anonymous said...

Awesome job. I envy your talents :)