Thursday, July 9, 2009

It's Unofficially Official

I was out to dinner with 3 of my Lifelong Friends a few weeks ago, and one of my friends....Leslie....said something like this...."Ya'll are gonna think I'm crazy, but I feel like God is telling me to run a marathon!" SILENCE....especially from me, because I knew where this was going; and I am NOT a runner. She broke the silence by mentioning it again, and we all began talking at once about how we thought it was a great idea...for her I thought to myself...ahem...I am NOT a runner! However if you remember, Leslie is my sweet friend who has walked a long road these past few years. She lost a son at birth almost 4 years ago, and then in January she lost another son at birth; and she nearly lost her own life. She is a woman of strong faith and just a strong woman. Her therapy continues, and it is HARD and painful; but she knows it will be worth it....of course while she's crying through it she doesn't think so....she told her therapist that if she didn't LOVE JESUS, she would give him the bird; because of how painful it is;). She has come a long long way in just a few short months....from being paralyzed to now walking and driving....all the while clinging to Jesus and her faith! The more she talked about the marathon, the more I knew I was going to have to run with her....not a marathon, but her first venture a mind you I had no idea what a 5K was until she mentioned it...and honestly I am still not quite sure how far it is; but I remember thinking....that's not so bad when she told me how far it was. She wants us all to run a 5K in the next year or so, then do the 3Day breast cancer walk together....which I am all about, because I may NOT be a runner....but I AM a walker. I have always wanted to do the 3Day. Eventually she will build up to a marathon, and although I know that some of our Lifelong Friends will be running right along beside her....I will be waiting at the finish line for them with my Cannon Rebel and a snack:)....and probably a lot of tears! So it's unofficially looks like I may become a RUNNER....but only for Leslie.


Gracie said...

Sounds pretty official to me. That's awesome. I admire you. I am so not a runner either. I always say I'm not running unless something is after me that I don't want catching me, lol. =)

Following Him said...

You go girl! Can't wait to hear more when it comes! A fellow walker is now behind you :)

skyking said...

Way to go. I did the 3Day a couple of years ago and it was one of the best experiences. You will love it.