Monday, July 20, 2009

Not My Child Monday

Welcome to this week's NOT ME MY CHILD MONDAY! A blog therapy session where we, as parents, can confess brag about what our children DID NOT do this past week! To read more confessions, check out MckMama's blog.

My youngest....Elliot....did NOT play the best game of Hide and Seek ever played,

....didn't really look for anyone. She just sat there and covered her eyes until they gave up waiting for her to look for them and came out of hiding. Then did she NOT uncover her eyes, and say....."I FOUND YOU!" I told you she was brilliant! 4th child who is a beautiful sweet little girly girl did NOT eat an entire pizza by herself one night for dinner and then ask for a snack a half an hour later....she's way too ladylike to eat like a man!

Bryna does NOT constantly dress herself in costumes and proceed to sing and dance for us....right in the middle of a conversation or television show or reading of a book......she does NOT think she is starved for attention!

This little 3rd child and self proclaimed "tomboy who likes to wear dresses" can NOT play a mean tune on the piano. She did NOT in fact teach her younger sister, Bryna, how to play a mean tune on the piano as well. Drew did NOT win the award for most practice hours at her piano recital, because she is NOT....ahem....very competitive!
Drew did NOT score 2 goals at her soccer game this weekend and did NOT run over to high five her coach who happens to be her dad! She is NOT the most athletic and competitive child in our family, and she is NOT in fact the cutest tomboy I've ever seen!

This little 2nd child and one and only boy....The Lone Ranger....did NOT cry himself to sleep on Saturday night when he learned that two of his favorite people....Addi and daddy would be leaving the following day for a 5 day mission trip. I could NOT hear him sobbing all the way downstairs. It did NOT break my heart, and it still does NOT break my heart as I post about it. My boy is NOT the sweetest boy!

This little boy, who cried himself to sleep, did NOT recover nicely by the following day and sing and dance with his 3 sisters and mama on Sunday night until we were all hot and sweaty and laughing hysterically. We do NOT love Stevie Wonder. oldest and the one in the pink shirt....did NOT pack her bags and head out on a mission trip with 4 of her closest friends yesterday afternoon. She was NOT really excited, and I am NOT positive that she is NOT already plum tuckered out; since she doesn't typically get up until about 10:00....and I know they were up by 6:30 this morning. She will NOT be touching lives this week and having her own life blessed even more.

Addison....the one right smack dab in the middle....did NOT have a pool party with some of her Girl Scout friends last week. They did NOT decide to jump into the pool like the cast at the ending of High School Musical, so I could capture a picture of them doing it. The picture did NOT turn out you can see above....and she did NOT print several copies to share and hang in her room! These girls did NOT stay up until 4:00 am playing Hide and Seek in our house....too bad Elliot was NOT awake to play with them, since she knows how to play that game brilliantly! You know she would have found them ;)!
The four youngest children and I did NOT proceed to have Saturday Night Disco....except on our house without our biggest sister and our daddy. Their NOT plan on this until Cal turned on the music and proceeded to sing at the top of his lungs to "Sweet Caroline"! My 3 girls did NOT dance around in their underwear while their brother did NOT, because he just doesn't do that. We did NOT all sweat like pigs....because our a/c isn't working, and it's hotter than H-E-Double Hockey Sticks....not really; but it is quite toasty! We did NOT all laugh a lot and did NOT have a dandy time dancing and singing! I am NOT one blessed mama....really I am!
That's it for NOT MY CHILD MONDAY! Unfortunately Fortunately I did NOT have any embarassing or gross stories to share this week, but don't you fret....I bet I will next time!


Following Him said...

I am NOT blogging while supposedly working ;) Cal and his sob story broke my heart. Hope he recovers this week. I so do not wish I could see the break of day at 10am each and everyday.

{Kimber} said...

That IS a great pic jumping in the pool!!!!
your kids are cutie's! :)

Family American Style. said...

I enjoyed reading your very cute post. Thank you for sharing.

Foursons said...

Great post- loved all the pictures to go along with it!

FXSmom said...

I love how incredibly smiley they all are :)