Sunday, July 26, 2009

Reunited....And It Feels So Good!

REUNITED....and it feels so good!
Nothing like a little Peaches and Herb to get your day going....and for you really young 'uns out there....I'm not talking about something to eat! ;) One mission trip down....many more to least 16 more to go....SERIOUSLY! If one of our children go on, at least one mission trip per year until they are college age, we will have the pleasure of experiencing 16 more mission trips. Honestly I'm counting on more than 16, but don't tell NPayne that just yet.....he's still sleeping on the couch recovering from this one.
Two little girls happy to see their daddy!
One little boy happy to see his daddy!
One little cutie patootie ecstatic to see her daddy! Did I ever mention that she's a daddy's girl?
Now.....where's Addi's van? She didn't ride with NPayne there or back!
Here she comes!!!!
Drew happy to see her "sissy"!
And then.....wait for it....
....wait for it....
....wait for it....
....the biggest hug of the day!
B-Nut was happy to have Addi home too!
Cal greeted Addi by the car....because honestly he was hot and tired and ready to get in the a/c....we had been waiting for her in the 100 degree temp. for about 45 minutes by this time.
The Mission Trip was a huge success! NPayne and Addi were on separate work teams and didn't spend much time together, but they spent time where they were needed....
building two wheelchair ramps
building a front porch
repairing a toilet
moving furniture
experiencing "God Moments"
being the hands and feet of Jesus
They did what they were sent to do and much more.....they came back sore, exhausted, in need of a good shower, with bags full of stinky laundry, hearts overflowing with joy, and the light of Christ shining through! Now that's what I'm talkin' about!

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