Monday, July 6, 2009


Welcome to Not Me Monday....the blog carnival created by MckMama....where we can honestly express the things we did or did NOT do the previous week.
1. This week, we did NOT spend one full day sitting around in our pajamas; because....well....we could.
2. We did NOT travel to the lake and sweat our tails off at the local but HUGE flea market, and we did NOT go back to her house and pile all of our kids into their redneck pool for hours on end just to cool them off!
3. I did NOT forget to wear my boots while at said lake and end up with stickers and fire ant bites all over my flip flopped feet....nonetheless pray that I wouldn't get bit by a Copperhead!
4. We did NOT spend the 4th of July hanging out with my best friend and her family and a lot of drama....the possibility of the man and woman who are now dating coming to the party whilst their former wife and husband were also at the don't even want to know the whole story! REALLY YOU DON'T! I did NOT tell NPayne to go move the car to make an easy escape just in case the drama really did unfold.....this mama ain't into least not that kind!
5. We did NOT wake up Sunday morning to realize that the back window of my suburban had been shattered....HEAVEN HELP ME....How are we going to pay for that? I did NOT spend Sunday afternoon driving around with a black trash bag taped to my window, because of course the one summer day it actually rains in TEXAS, is the day my window is broken out. I will NOT admit that the trash bag was not only annoying, because...well it's UGLY, but also because it was extremely noisy which did NOT cause all kinds of uproar from my babes.
6. I did NOT become IR-RI-TA-TED when I discovered that my insurance company wants me to pay $500 deductible to replace a window that I didn't even break....who invented insurance anyway?
7. I was NOT completely overjoyed when my above mentioned best friend did NOT call her brother, who does auto glass for a living, and tell me he would charge me $78 to replace the shattered window....woohoo....I did NOT tell her to tell him I'll be right over.
8. I did NOT go window shopping (no pun intended....well maybe a little pun intended) with my again above mentioned best friend only to convince her spend $100....she looks fabulous in anything she puts on, so I did NOT talk her into buying the cutest tube dress with matching accessories to wear to the birthday party that she was originally buying a gift for.....she did NOT look GREAT as always!
9. She then did NOT treat me to coffee, strawberries romanoff and creme brulee at our Main St. Bakery; because well....she wanted to and because she knew I had a shattered car window to pay for...ahem...she does NOT make the big bucks while I....well DON'T!
That's it for Not Me Monday....visit MckMama's blog to read more confessions!


Drahdrah said...

I love spending the day in pj's when I CAN. Unfortunately I can't much lately :(. Happy NNM :)

Following Him said...

Main Street backery...mmmmm! OUCH with the stickers and fire ants. I am noting to self: take shoes to lake! What a great way to spend the Fourth!

Gracie said...

All day in pj's---->Heavenly!!. Sorry about your window, but thankful God worked it out.