Tuesday, July 21, 2009

We Didn't Know, But He Knew!

We met in March many years ago and through my friends dating his friends, we were thrown together....not to date but just to be. We became friends immediately....FRIENDS, and I loved all of his friends. As long as he and I were JUST friends, my friends loved him. They knew what I had been through, they knew I had NO plans of dating much less ever getting married; so they were cautious on my behalf....but slowly they couldn't fight it any longer, and they adored him too. My plan was to move to the country, drive an old truck, live in a cute little farm house with a porch swing, grow my own food, be a school teacher, and do it ALONE....actually I would still love to do all of that minus the ALONE part. My friends knew my plans....they knew what I had been through. He and I were friends....only friends....how could we ever be more? He was a long haired, hardworking, skinny, goofy teenager who wore two different colored converse tennis shoes and heavy metal t-shirts! We were friends....for about 6 months....THEN....we began to date, but it wasn't serious....certainly not to him and certainly not to me at least that's what we told ourselves. As the next several months flew past, we realized that we were spending every spare moment we had TOGETHER....DATING just each other without our friends around! He had met my family....all of them, and I had met his....all of them. After his sister got over the fact that her now 20 year old brother was dating a much older woman, I was LOVED by all. He was LOVED by all from the get go! Although he was a mere 19 years when we began to date, I recognized and appreciated the gentleman....the kind soul....the non judgemental person that he was! I had NOT been respected in that way EVER! He was still my friend, but now it was becoming more. When we decided to get married, it was fast....no long engagement....just enough time to plan a small wedding and save up for an engagement ring....then we were married! MARRIED....I don't ever remember discussing children or religion or dreams....I just remember knowing that stuff already! I knew that it would work itself out, and that we would make decisions as we went along and when the time was right; and so far we have! Sure there have been some struggles but not with the love we share....there has never been any doubt about that! From that day in March so long ago....we were meant to be....he didn't know it, I didn't know it, they didn't know it; but HE knew it. And here we are in the midst of HIM celebrating the relationship that we were blessed with by HIM...celebrating our children that were lent to us by HIM....celebrating our lives together that HE continues to bless! GOD knew....HE knows!

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