Friday, September 4, 2009

Conversations and a REPOST!

Conversation with Elliot:
ME: Elli....You're so smart and sweet and pretty!
ELLIOT: No....just pretty!!!
Hmmmm.....could this be a problem?

Another conversation:
ELLIOT: What's his name?
ME: Brady
ELLIOT: What's his name?
ME: Holden
ELLIOT: Who am I?
ME: Elliot
ELLIOT: What's your name:
ME: Lorie
ELLIOT: (with a little confused look followed by a quite confident look)....NO YOU'RE MOMMY!
I can certainly live with being called "MOMMY"!

And just for your my complete enjoyment....a REPOST of my now 3 year old!!!!

This is how I keep myself entertained all day!!

Don't you just wanna pinch her cute little cheeks?! BUTTERCUP!

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