Friday, September 11, 2009

The Teacher Called.....

I pick Cal and Drew up from school today and literally before I was out of the carpool lane, my cell phone rings; and it is Cal's teacher....whom I really like by the way. It was his regular ed teacher, not his special ed teacher....whom I also really like. After I put her on hold until I got out of the school's against the law to talk on your cell phone in a school zone....she began to tell me about how out of sorts he had been today and even somewhat the last few days. We are going to chalk it up to the lack of routine and change of schedule, because there has been some major testing going on in our school district. Anytime this occurs, Cal's schedule is modified....and after a few days....well he starts to get a little agitated by this. It seems that today, he wasn't really agitated just silly....which is actually a nice change when you are his mother; BUT it is a problem when his silliness is disrupting his entire grade level which seems to be the case. He's turning off lights in other classrooms, loving his friends a little too other words hugging them a little too tightly, flinging water on of them being his teacher....HELP ME HENRY....and doing a few other goofy things. After we hung up and got home, I talked to a few of his friends' mothers. They assured me that their children were okay with Cal's affection, but perhaps he was hugging a little tightly (at least one friend). These children....3 in particular....are true angels for Cal. They play with him, encourage him, and love him!!! They aren't embarassed or intimidated by Cal's attention or behavior, and they truly want what's best for him. We are so grateful to have these children in his life and in our lives, and we are so grateful that Cal is starting to finally make friends....real friends. I'll be real honest....when you get a phone call from the teacher, it's usually not a good thing....and today it wasn't exactly a good thing; BUT I will admit I was glad to hear that he was loving too much instead of too little! The last thing his teacher said before she hung up with me was...."He is a joy, and we love him"! And he is, and we do!

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