Sunday, September 6, 2009

Let The Celebration Begin!!!

September 3, 2009....
The Celebtration of Elliot Ann Payne!

In our house, we have a birthday tradition....well actually we have several birthday traditions. One of those traditions is that the honoree gets to have whatever he/she would like for breakfast....not only does he/she get to have whatever he/she wants for breakfast, BUT he/she also gets to have it on this birthday plate that spins and plays the "Happy Birthday" tune. We also get out our cute vintage table runner that has "Happy Birthday" embroidered on it. It's a great way to start the day!!! Everyone likes this tradition, because they too get to have whatever the birthday honoree happens to be having that morning.
Elliot had cinnamon rolls for her birthday breakfast!
Another tradition is the honoree gets to choose what or where we eat dinner. Since we RARELY go out to eat, the children almost always choose to go out somewhere. For Elliot's birthday dinner, we went to Chick Fil-A....not once but see we met some friends there on her birthday morning just to play. She LOVES that playground. After dinner, we came home; and she got to open 2 of her from Cal and Bryna and one from Mommy, Daddy and Moo (my mom)! See how excited she is.....
She knew right when she tore off the paper that it was the Barbie Swan Lake that she wanted. You see I had a large collection of Barbies....all still in boxes....and we got them out to try to sell on ebay....just because I really don't collect Barbies (NPayne's mom had started the tradition of buying me one every year.....a long time ago), and they were just collecting dust. Well Elli had decided that she was quite fond of Barbie Swan Lake, and so we wrapped it up and let Cal and B give it to her for her birthday. I'm all about included!!!
She LOVES it!!! I'm not a fan of Barbies in general and will not purchase them for my girls, but Elli loved this one so much that when NPayne suggested we wrap it up and give it to her; I thought it was a good idea! It was....can you tell?
Next it was her gift from Mommy, Daddy and Moo!
Can you guess what it is?
It's the cutest dress with a tutu attached to the bottom!
She actually wore it to church today!

Here she is modeling it for us!!!!
Our children are really generous with each other.
As you may or may not know....once our children celebrate their 5th birthday,
they don't receive gifts from friends any longer. They choose a charity to accept donations for....either monetary, toys, canned goods, etc. They do however still receive gifts from their family, so they LOVE to buy for each other. Addi and Drew used their own money to buy Elli's gifts, and she will be opening them later today at her birthday party!!!
Aunt Melinda gave Elliot a small little birthday cake.
She was already in bed asleep when we received it,
so she had to eat it the following day!
We even put 3 candles on it,
sang "Happy Birthday"
and watched her blow them out!!!
She really enjoyed us singing to her.....AGAIN!
Make a wish and blow out the candles!!!
Happy Birthday sweet girl!!!!
Birthday party later today, so you know I'll write a post about that later.

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