Friday, September 18, 2009

Tea For Two or Six...Whatever It Takes!

We had our second school holiday today and since the twins' mama is a teacher; and it was a teacher training day....they stayed with us. Let me tell you that my kiddos were THRILLED that they actually got to play with the boys today. And honestly the boys were THRILLED that they got to play with my kiddos today. The boys and Cal LOVE playing together. Cal, being surrounded by sisters, rarely has boys to play with; so he has been LOVING having the twins to play with. They play trucks, cars, and outside every chance they get. BUT.....the twins have also been introduced to some things that....well....might make some daddies (of little boys) a little uneasy. What I mean is that they have been introduced to tons of "girl" type toys....Barbies, magic wands, and even tea parties....don't think I'm stereotyping my children. I am not at all a stereotypical toy other words, if my son wants to play be it....if my daughter wants to play be it. We try not to label things....girls or boys....but just toys! Today the girls decided to have a tea party, and of course we invited the boys to join us. I will have to admit that although the boys didn't really drink tea, they sure did enjoy sitting at the table and shoveling in some cake!!!! Tea and cake!

We didn't ask them to hold their pinkies up when they were drinking their water!

That might have been pushing the tea party a little too far, but they did use very nice manners!


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