Friday, September 18, 2009

Four Day Weekend

When I first realized that the kids didn't have school Thursday and Friday of this week, I was a little annoyed....mainly because we just started school....we've already had one week of early release (for kindergartners), two days of early release for all elementary, one day of early release for middle schoolers; and now two days off!!! Are they ever going to get in a routine? Now don't get me wrong, I LOVE school holidays and for my children to be home; but I was thinking these 2 days off might have been much needed in the spring instead of 3 weeks after school has begun. But then when I realized the these two days off surrounded our annual street fair, I was THRILLED!!! Yessiree Bob....thrilled! On Thursday of our street fair and all day Friday until 5:00, admission is FREE!!!! We always go on Thursday when NPayne gets home from work, however we usually have to rush to get home and get everyone ready for bed and school for Friday. But not this year :)! This year we leisurely went down on Thursday evening and leisurely walked around, and leisurely rode some rides, and leisurely played some games, and then we leisurely walked home. And to top it off, NPayne was able to take 3 of the kiddos with him to the private school which is right down the street to watch their football game. We go to those a lot, because they are just plain fun and cheap entertainment. The other 2 kiddos (Addi and Elli) stayed home and painted toenails and fingernails, and I stayed home and leisurely relaxed and didn't have to rush anyone into a bath! So whoever in our school district decided to choose these two random days for my kids to be out of school, YOU ARE A GENIUS and I THANK YOU!!!!!

Getting ready ro ride!!!!

HOLD ON DREW!!!! Help Me Henry....I got as much enjoyment out of this as they did!!! This was cracking me up.....I mean literally laughing so hard I couldn't catch my breath!!!!

B and Cal in the Funhouse!!!

NPayne and Elliot on the great big humongo slide!!!

Mama, that would be me, watching Elliot on the train!!!!

She's waving to whomever will wave back at her.

Callahan.....chilling out!

Walking over to meet up with the rest of the family!!!

Me and two of my girls!!!!

Bryna was playing this relay game where you had to hop down the path with this ball between your legs, then you had to slam it into a basket. As you can see, the little girl behind her completely disregarded the rules and just ran down with the ball and slammed it into the basket, so.....Bryna's team (the green team) WON!!!! Smart little girl if you ask me!!

The Train Depot is one of our favorite places to go!!!

So again to whomever decided to give us this four day weekend, I thank you from the bottom of my heart!!!!

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