Tuesday, September 8, 2009

ENOUGH with the birthday....NOT!

In the Payne house, birthdays are a BIG deal!!!
We celebrate them wholeheartedly and gratefully.
We are thankful for another year we have had together. Elliot's 3rd birthday was celebrated with a bang on Thursday, a little on Friday, some on Saturday and a huge bang on Sunday!!!
We had these cute little cups with a bright pink "E" and green polka dots on them, so
her sisters decided they would make her cake look similar.....
They did a marvelous job....what wonderful sisters she has.
Now if you know me, you know I am NOT a fan of goody bags.
Really just don't care for them.
Now I never deny my children goody bags when they attend a party, BUT
I typically don't give them out. We only give out goody bags if I feel it is something that
the guest can really use or it's part of the party (craft, etc).....I use to give out recycled toys, but my best friend got onto me for doing that; so I stopped.
The girls really wanted to make goody bags for the party, so we opted for chocolate lollipops shaped like flowers; and chocolate covered pretzels.....because after all her guests could really USE those ;) (wink)!
They were quite a hit!!!
My children also don't receive gifts from their guests after their 5th birthday. This originated when Addi was about to turn 6, because frankly she just didn't need anymore toys. Instead they choose a charity to take monetary or other types of donations for. This was NPayne's alternative suggestion instead of receiving gifts for themselves, they can choose to receive "gifts" for others.
They actually really LOVE doing this and put a lot of thought into it each birthday.
They do receive gifts from their grandmothers and other family members, and they are free to buy each other gifts....using their own money.....which is what Addi and Drew did for Elliot. Addi bought her this balloon and some finger paints!
Drew bought her a little hand held balloon and a kaliedescope.
We had some friends meet us at NPayne's sister's house for swimming!!!
These are my children's shoes all lined up neatly,
because well....they are never lined up neatly at home; so I had to get a picture!!!!
"Mommy, can I go under water?"
Very proud of herself!!!!
She loves for us to sing "Happy Birthday" to her!!
Tidbit of information....Cal is not usually a fan of birthdays....especially the singing part; BUT he sang and clapped at her party and on her actual birthday for the first time in his life!!!
NPayne and I were quite excited!
Blowing out her candles!!!!

Sporting some of her gifts...her new tutu, her new flipflops and hairbow (Go Longhorns), and her balloon that Drew gave her.
What a blessing she is to us!!!
And now we are finally finished celebrating her birthday, BUT....
we won't stop celebrating her!!!

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