Wednesday, September 9, 2009

In Case You Were Wondering.....

In case you were wondering..... my new adventure is going....
....with keeping the twins....'s going great!!!
Twins are a wonderful dynamic....well at least these twins are!
They work well together....sure they have a few tiffs here and there....but they really get along swell, AND....they are both really good little guys. The only real issue I have had has been with naps, but I'm finally nailing that down. They both sleep in pack 'n plays in the same room....right next to each other....that is until....I went in one afternoon to wake them and found them BOTH IN THE SAME PACK 'N PLAY (hee hee)....standing there grinning at me like nothing out of the ordinary had happened. Now they both sleep in pack 'n plays in the same room....spread apart from each other. I have also learned that I need to put them in their beds at least 30 minutes before I want them to go to sleep.....because they like to chat and giggle with each other for a bit! It's pretty darn cute if you ask me which you didn't, but it is my blog so I'll tell you's pretty darn cute!!!
Today was our first day of preschool....the twins, Elliot and myself.
No, I don't acutally attend the preschool....well actually I guess I do, because I'm a teacher there.
Elli knows exactly what to do when mama gets the camera out!!!
Big Day for a big boy!!!
Looking forward to school....they didn't even take their backpacks off for breakfast!
Running to the car.....oh wait....there's mama taking my picture again....stop and pose....atta girl!
Walking into school!!!
Ready to go!!!!
Playing in my classroom until it was time for them to go to their classroom....again, they didn't even take their backpacks off!!!!
This was Elliot's classroom last year, so she's quite fond of it and knows it like the back of her hand....ahem....I'll have a sandwich, pickle and watermelon please Elliot!!! Thank you dear!!!

We're off to a great start to a great school year!!!

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