Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Mud Pies and Volcanos

We went to our friend, Beau's, 6th birthday party last weekend. It was a mudpie luau party!!!
I know you are wondering how one chooses a mudpie luau party theme....well....Beau and her mama were watching a cooking show, and someone made a volcano cake. Beau decided right then and there......that she wanted a cake like that for her guess what? She got one!! Where do the mudpies come in? Well Beau just LOVES to make them, so why not incorporate it into the birthday party theme? Why not? I mean it's her party, and she can cry make mud pies if she wants to. So you might ask....what exactly does one do at a mudpie luau party? Hold on to your hula skirt.....cuz here we go! Making mudpies....using a pie pan, MUD (of course) and some stones, crystals and rocks!
Lots of smiling!!!!
More mudpies.....
Even some really well thought out and decorative mudpies!!!!
We also were served homemade smoothies hand made by Jeff, Beau's daddy, from The Smoothie Bar!!!! I love this bar and want it at my house!!!
And of course you drink the home made smoothies out of coconut cups,
because it is a luau after all!!!!
The smoothies also came complete with little umbrellas....what every little girl wants!!!
Don't forget to sport some shades to the luau!!!
And we have one handsome daddy/husband.....I know that has nothing to do with a mudpie or a luau, but I thought I would throw that in.....mainly because I really liked this picture!
We enjoyed fruit kabobs!!!
We sported leis!!!
We also enjoyed hotdogs on a stick!!!! And Elliot tried to keep her hot dog away from the drooling dogs!
We covered ourselves....well I didn't, but the girls volcanic ash....aka dirt....while standing atop a large volcano.....aka pile of dirt!
We enjoyed a tasty volcano cake.....which was the whole inspiration behind the had real smoke.....aka dry ice....coming out of it!!
We donned flowers in our hair and.....
....hula skirts!!!
Then we ended the day with a little dip in the pool!!!
So there you have it.....that's what you do at a mudpie luau birthday party!!!!
Sound like fun? IT WAS!!!!

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