Friday, May 29, 2009

8 Things

I was tagged several weeks ago by Elyse whom I am blessed to know personally, as well, as through blogging. I kept meaning to post but kept getting distracted or forgetting. When I saw that she had 8 Things Part 2 posted, I decided I should probably post my 8 Things part 1. If you participate, mention who tagged you and then tag 8 of your bloggy friends. Okay so I'm not officially following the rules, because I am not tagging anyone; but if you want to play along....please feel free to do so. Then you can share with me, so I can read your 8 Things! Thanks and have a grand day!

8 things I look forward to:

**SUMMER, Time at the pool, Church, Bible Study, VBS, Having my children all home, My anniversary, Did I say SUMMER?**

8 things I did yesterday:

**Went to Six Flags, Ate at Schlotzskys, Ate at Chili's, Had a date with Bryna Mae, Celebrated Callahan's birthday, Made some cute clipboards, Picked up the house, Read The Bible**

8 things I wish I could do:

**Cure Cancer, Absolve Hunger, Teach everyone in the universe about Jesus, Implement World Peace, Have twins...or at least another baby or two, See my dad again, Meet NPayne's dad**

8 shows I watch:

Most all of these are tivo'd, and I watch them late at night....if I get a minute...
**So You Think You Can Dance, Hi-5 (kid show), Criminal Minds, CSI, HGTV (lots on there), Gospel Channel, Style Network, Ranger games**


Anonymous said...

Is the Gospel Channel the same as the Gospel Music Channel? Do you ever watch Faith & Fame? I love that show! It reminds me of VH1's Behind the Music!

You did all 8 of those things yesterday?! I was tired just reading that list.

And I'm going to see the Rangers play the Sox at Fenway next weekend. (Sorry, but I won't be pulling for the Rangers this time.)

Gracie said...

Wow sounds like you had a busy day yesterday! Have a great weekend. By the way, I really liked your Pastor's comment about faith and questioning =)