Monday, May 4, 2009

It's Back....which means they're back!!!

Not Me Monday is a blog therapy session created by MckMama to allow you to share things you would never do, did, have done in the past week. Honestly who would ever NOT do??? On a serious note....praise God that MckMama and Stellan were able to return home. Now back to the not so serious NOT ME!

This week I did NOT....
1. Take my girls to see The Hannah Montana movie. I wouldn't do that, since I'm not a Hannah Montana fan! I also did NOT enjoy the movie and did NOT find it appropriate for even my 5 year old daughter. I did NOT choke back tears during the movie when she sang "The Climb"!
2. I absolutely did NOT instruct, Bryna, who is 5 to climb from the 3rd seat to the 2nd seat in the suburban while at a stop light; so she could NOT be by the window in case she threw up which I did NOT think she was going to and NEITHER did she.
3. I did NOT sleep until 9:00 on Saturday...well...because I could!
4. I was NOT happy to hear my son start to get excited about going on his 4th grade trip with NPayne, and I did NOT breathe a sigh of relief when NPayne sent me a text that said...."He is fine"!
5. I am NOT ready for the Swine Flu to be outta here!!! I was NOT extremely disappointed that Addi's band field trip was cancelled due to the Swine Flu. I did not think it was humorous that we did NOT shake hands, during the greeting at church yesterday, but instead gave everyone around us a head nod....HELP ME HENRY....will it ever end?
6. I did NOT ask NPayne to get us some groceries last week, including some cleaning supplies, which he did NOT return with; because the grocery store was NOT not sold out of every single cleaning supply due to the Swine Flu scare....HELP ME HENRY....will it ever end?
7. I do NOT have baby fever, but that's NOT surprising to anyone who knows me!!
8. I am NOT wishing I had a box of Peanut Butter Girl Scout cookies about now!! NOT ME!! I am not, one of those people, who eat the entire box in one sitting....well maybe I am!
9. I did NOT order something for myself for Mother's Day, and I did NOT splurge a little!!!
I am NOT secretly hoping that my children will all make me something for Mother's Day like they usually do; because I do NOT love their homemade gifts. A spa gift certificate would be nice too, but I am NOT hinting around.
10 . I do NOT miss the men in my life, and I am NOT going to dwell on that fact; because I am NOT going to cry because I do NOT miss them.
11. I did NOT make my friend, Kara, the cutest thank you gift EVER; and I cannot wait until it I can see if it's NOT as cute as I hope it is.
That's it for NOT ME MONDAY!!! Be back next week!


Following Him said...

YAY for the text that Cal is fine!! Just nodding in original...why I thought Swine was airborne? Totally got a laugh from me! Have a great week with the girls!

Kristi said...

Hi just wanted to say hi, great not me's, You Hanna story reminded me that I can't wait until this summer and I can take my 5 year old to the G movies, he FINALLY will sit through a movie, I always wanted children to I could go to the kid movies, it killed me he would never sit for them, so this summer it is.

See you around Mcmama's Kristi

Val said...

Sleeping til 9, gosh how I wish I could see that, or should I say NOT see that.

But nope, my kids are up by 6:30am.

Great Not Me's!