Monday, May 18, 2009

Welcome to this week's session of Not Me Monday....created by MckMama....for those of us who really need to get something off of our chest that we most certainly DID NOT do and wouldn't dream of doing!!!

1. This week, I did NOT clean out my suburban only NOT to find tons of trash, crayons, jackets, dirty socks, empty water bottles and much more. As I was loading Elliot into her carseat and noticing that she needed a tissue, I DID NOT use above mentioned dirty sock to wipe her nose...well because I just wouldn't do that...that's just plain gross! GET A TISSUE FOR PETE'S SAKE....I always wondered....who is Pete?
2. On Saturday, I did NOT slide down the gigantic slide with Elliot perched on my lap while at the Street Festival, and I did NOT nearly hyperventilate while climbing up those thousands....okay hundreds....well if you must know....about 50 steps....while lugging my sweet little bundle of joy and the hemp sack that you sit on with me. Then she did NOT say...."AGAIN!" as I was still trying to catch my breath. I did NOT then hand her over to her big sister and let her hyperventilate, I mean enjoy, climbing up those thousands....hundreds....about 50 stairs. And of course she was NOT at all out of breath!!! I did NOT attribute that to the fact that she's a mere 12 year old, and I am NOT a mere 12 year old!
3. I did NOT let my girls take off their flip flops and NOT dance in the streets at the Street Festival...and I did NOT get completely grossed out when we had to wash their "grocery store feet" before we could even put them in the bath, because they were NOT so disgustingly dirty. I am NOT a fan of feet, and that is a real NOT!
4. I did NOT thoroughly enjoy watching and listening to my 8 year old Drew play her first piano recital, and I WAS NOT EXTREMELY PROUD OF HER when she won an award for practicing the most....I did NOT then tell her that all that practicing paid off, and she did NOT completely agree; because she is NOT THE MOST COMPETITIVE PERSON in our house! NOT DREW!!!! YES DREW!!!
5. I did NOT jump for joy when the man that was running the little train ride at the Street Festival agreed to let Cal ride it, even though he was too big, and I did NOT jump for joy again when Cal agreed to ride a few more rides that he has never ridden before. I was NOT thrilled to see him branching out a little!
6. I was not the least bit IRRITATED when the fresh out of college, with no children of her own, and a whopping 22ish years old, long term Drew's a little self righteous and used that "I know more than you do" tone with me. I did NOT want to tell her in a nice but EXTREMELY FIRM voice that she really doesn't know more than me, and once she's had 5 children and taught school for 20 years then she might could cop that attitude; but it is still very unprofessional and quite IRRITATING! I am not thrilled that Drew's, regular classroom teacher, will be back from maternity leave for the last week of school....NOT ONE BIT THRILLED!!!
7. I am NOT ready for summer, so I can have my children all to myself and NOT have to deal with 22ish year attitudes!

That's it for this week....see you next week!

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Following Him said...

A 22 year old coped an attitude...glad I was not there :) You tell here mama! YAY for Cal branching out a proud! Grocery store feet gross me out too :) Have a great Monday!