Saturday, May 30, 2009 apparently I'm not the only one who cracks herself up in this family! B-Nut was telling me jokes in the car yesterday....I'm going to share a few with you now! Get ready to laugh yourself into oblivion....well just HUMOR ME, OKAY???

B-Nut: Why did the kitchen, I mean chicken, cross the kitchen????
Me: Why?
B-Nut: Tw....eet, Tw...eet (pronounced,! Trust me when I say, this sounds fab when you have a southern accent to accompany the tw....eet, tw....eet!
Are you laughing hysterically yet? I thought so!!! Whew!!! Catch your breath and get ready for the next one!!!

B-Nut: Why did the cow cross the road?
Me: Why?
B-Nut: Because it went to the MOOOOVIES!!!!
Hot Diggity Dog....I know that one has you in stitches!!!

B-Nut: What did the cat say when it hurt its tongue?
Me: What?
B-Nut: It said ME...OW! ME....OW!
Slappin' your knees you're laughing so hard, aren't ya?

Get ready, this next one was completely made up by B-Nut herself....
B-Nut: Why am I so sweet?
Me: Why?
B-Nut: Because I give hugs and kisses! that's just plain sweet, sweet as pie! You should see the sugar dripping off of her!


Alicia said...

Of course....she ends it w/ the best one of all!!!!!

Very cute!

Anonymous said...

But do you know why the chicken crosses the playground?

To get to the other SLIDE!

I was so glad to have an opportunity to tell that one here b/c my family is so sick of me telling it to them. It's very funny, right?