Saturday, May 16, 2009

Random Picture Challenge September 2008....18th Picture

This week's Random Picture Challenge, hosted by Brittany, honored the 18th picture of your September 2008 picture folder. September is a wonderful month at our house. Both Bryna and Elliot have September birthdays. This year we doubled up, and they had a celebration together....Bryna's 5th birthday and Elliot's 2nd birthday. It was a ROYAL GARDEN PARTY theme! On the day this picture was taken, we were outside taking pictures for their invitations and thank you cards (which we make) you can see Bryna is teaching Elliot how to curtsy! What little ladies I have....or should I say what little princesses I have!!!! These 2 are definitely the girliest girls in The Payne house, as for the other 3 ladies of the house, not so much!!!!


Alicia said...

How precious!!!!!!!!!!

Gotta love the girly girls!!

Elaine A. said...

Oh they are precious in there little ballerina outfits! : )