Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Should I Be Alarmed???

My girls and NPayne have been watching American Idol for the last few months. I have not been keeping up with it and have never really watched it. NPayne started watching last season, so he would be "in the loop" when everyone at his office was talking about who they liked best, etc. Music is a big part of our day to day life....we listen to music basically all day, my girls all love to play instruments; and I even have a few dancers and singers among the 5 children. Cal also really likes music, and music therapy is one of his favorite things to do. NPayne is really into music, and he use to be quite the rock 'n roll type.....oh who am I kidding....he still is quite the rock 'n roll type....just with shorter hair and 5 children (wink wink). He likes all sorts of music, but what he really likes are musicians who can write great songs and who can play an instrument really well....I mean really well. His love is the bass, but he my opinion....a really great drummer as well. Our house is full of all sorts of instruments, and it's something that I really love about our family....our love for music. When folks talk about playing "Guitar Hero" on their WII....NPayne says, "We don't have a WII. We have the real thing" referring to our kids playing the drums, piano, guitar, etc. I am a person who is often moved to tears by a song, and I worship through music daily. As you listen to the music on my blog, you can probably tell that I LOVE Contemporary Christian music; but I do like many other types of music as well. But I will have to admit, that I am not a hard rock is NPayne. Tonight the kids and NPayne were watching the finale of American Idol, and although I hadn't watched all season; I was watching with them. I thought it was kind of fun seeing the many famous musicians from my genre and before. As each former contestant came on stage, he/she sang a song with someone famous....Keith Urban, Cyndi Lauper, etc. When the contestant Adam, who was one of the final 2, came on stage....I asked NPayne...."What famous musician do you think he will sing with?" NPayne gave a few guesses...then Adam started singing "Beth" by KISS! Now NPayne is a huge KISS fan....which sort of makes me giggle for some reason that I can't explain, so I said, "It's going to be KISS!" He said, "NO it won't!" But it was....out came the guys from KISS (NPayne pointed out that there were only 2 original I would have known the difference). Anyhoo....the girls were all watching in sort of a fascinated like way, because honestly they had never seen KISS or really any rock bands before. THEN....I heard the following statement come out of Drew's mouth....

"I like the tongue guy!"
HELP ME HENRY....that is NOT something you want to hear your 8 year old daughter say EVER! Good Golly Miss Molly!!! Maybe she has the rock 'n roll bug....after all she is my child who plays the guitar! Should I be alarmed? HAVE MERCY!
When NPayne showed the girls his guitar with the KISS sticker on it, Elliot took one look and said...."It's scary!" Now that's what I want to hear coming out of my daughter's mouth....GOOD GIRL BABY! Darn tootin' it's scary and don't you forget it (wink)!

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