Saturday, May 9, 2009

If you read my previous post, you know that yesterday wasn't the greatest of days for me....I guess everyone has "bad"days. I was in a somber state and honestly just a little irritable....YES I SAID IRRITABLE!!!! My 4 youngest children were doing something that they know they are NOT suppose to do....RUNNING IN THE HOUSE....skating, scootering, dancing are all acceptable in our house....but NO RUNNING! This is mainly because when there is running going's usually at least 4, sometimes 5, children running....which is an accident waiting to happen...did I just sound like my mother? Anyhoo it never fails, really I mean NEVER fails, that someone gets hurt or something gets broken. They were running and playing HIDE 'N SEEK! I had asked them to go outside to play and to please stop RUNNING IN THE HOUSE! Apparently they just didn't seem to hear me....or at least that's what I like to think....because my children would never deliberately disobey me....NOT MY LITTLE ANGELS :)! As I was getting ready to say, once again, "PLEASE GO OUTSIDE!"....I heard it....a loud crash. I looked over to the fire place where Bryna was literally sitting inside of it...broken fireplace screen and broken..... FRAME!!!!
Everyone was so quiet, you could have heard a pin drop, and when I said "YOU ALL NEED TO GO UPSTAIRS TO YOUR ROOMS IMMEDIATELY!" There was not a peep, just the sound of hurried little feet. Now I realize it's only a frame, and it's just stuff! And the frame is actually still in tact, but every single pane of glass was shattered. Fortunately the pictures were all fine. I bought this frame 7 years ago from Pottery was a real splurge for me....because you know Pottery Barn stuff is EXPENSIVE! But I LOVE this frame....mainly because how all of the pictures were showcased so perfectly in it. They don't make them like this anymore, so I was so glad the actual frame was not broken; because it can't be replaced. The main thing that upset me was not even that they broke something but that....yes my sweet little angels....faltered! They made a bad choice, and remember I was already a LITTLE IRRITABLE!
When I returned home from dropping Addi at a church function, I found this....
....waiting for me on the stairs!! Yes that beautiful lady with the orange hair is ME!!!
And I also found this....

A small gift bag with an apology gift....a bag of M&M's and a penny was inside!

Of course my girls were immediately forgiven....actually they were forgiven before I ever saw the note or bag! I knew they were sorry, and I knew they didn't mean to break it. It is only STUFF! However they are suffering a consequence for deliberately disobeying....I mean not hearing me when I asked them to "GO OUTSIDE"....(wink wink), but they know that I always love them and will always forgive them. I mean it's the least I can do...after all....I think about all the times I have deliberately disobeyed, I mean not heard Him, when My Heavenly Father has told me to do something; and HE always forgives me and always loves me! I guess it's part of being a parent. Thank God....He is the best parent in the world.

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Alicia said...

How cute..M&M's and a penny!!!!!

What a cute picture too!!

Isn't it amazing how the Lord speaks to us even when we're disciplining our children??