Saturday, May 23, 2009

Great Minds Think and Giggle Alike!

NPayne and I had a delightful mexican dinner alone last night. Our babes had been begging to spend the night with their grandma, so we happily obliged. We dropped them off and then headed to a restaurant near grandma's house....a restaurant we never visit....because grandma lives about 30 miles from us. While we were gorging on, I mean eating, our chips and salsa and talking with each other; we both stopped talking at the exact same time as if straining to hear something...which we were.....remember this post.... I am an eavesdropper...especially at restaurants, so it's not unusual for me to strain to hear something. Again simultaneously we looked at each other, and as I made eye contact with NPayne....he had a grin on his's a familiar grin; so I knew we were both thinking the same thing. I then said...."LISTEN!" And he just nodded, then I said..."What song is that?" And he said, "It's 'HOW DEEP IS YOUR LOVE'" in SPANISH! We both giggled as we finished our dinner dinner. I continued to giggle throughout the evening as NPayne attempted to sing 'HOW DEEP IS YOUR LOVE' in Spanish....the only thing he got right was the word AMOR which means LOVE! I guess if your husband is going to serenade you in Spanish, and you can only understand one word....that's the word you definitely want to understand....I AMOR you too honey!

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