Monday, May 4, 2009

In Case You Were Wondering.....

If you've been following my blog for the last week or so, you know that my son....Cal....who is a special needs child, and his dad....NPayne....who is just plain special left this morning for Cal's 4th grade trip. Three days and two nights away from home with a lot of preparation....from the school, the outdoor learning center they went to, and from us! My last post regarding this ended with....If Cal will get on the bus, he will be okay! Well here is the update....he did get on the bus happily I might add. In fact this morning before they left, he was extremely excited! When I talked to NPayne around dinner time, he said Cal was a little aloof about the whole thing but was coming around....he wouldn't eat lunch in the dining hall but he did eat dinner there. He wouldn't get within 50 feet of any of his friends, but he eventually swam with some of them. NPayne was a little discouraged, because mainly Cal just has free time; because he doesn't really participate in the outdoor classes! NPayne said, "I could have saved us the cost of this trip and taken him camping at the lake down the street!" I could tell he was a little frustrated, BUT then a few minutes ago I received the following text....CAL TOOK A SHOWER!!!! Hello Dolly....I can't believe it. I replied with the following text....SUCCESSFULLY??? Then my phone rang, and NPayne told me how it happened. They were walking back to their cabin, to get ready for the night hike, when Cal said, "Dad, I want to take a bath." To which NPayne replied, "They don't have baths here only showers." To which Cal replied, "I would love to take a shower daddy." To which NPayne replied with no verbal response....but a hurry him along response....before he changed his mind. He said he stuck him in the shower, lathered him up, rinsed him off and got him out....WITHOUT A PEEP! I said, "WOW....maybe that was worth all of the prep and cost of the entire trip....expensive therapy but WOW!" To which NPayne replied, "Yea....maybe he'll eat a hamburger tomorrow!" To which I replied with a giggle, snort, chuckle and a " never know!"


Alicia said...

Wow, Lorie..huge step!!

I remember you specifically writing about the bath/shower dilemma! Praise the Lord!

Following Him said...

YAHOO for Cal...This is AMAZING!

Btw...I have watched NPayne interact with Cal over the years and it takes an extremely patient man to do what he does :)