Tuesday, January 20, 2009

You Know You're A Redneck When.....

Or should I say....you know your children are rednecks when.... They and their friends concoct a zipline out of a black metal folding chair, rope, some belts and trees.
There it is suspending in the air....just waiting for someone to take a ride.

So there goes Drew....yes her feet are dangling!

There goes Elli....yes she is suspended in the air. Not so safe you say.....yes I know I know! That's why the big sister is standing there ready to save the day. Did the zipline actually zip? Well.....not really. They took turns sitting and dangling, and then the big girls would hold on to the smaller children and sort of scoot them along the rope. Addi and her friend Victoria are the creators of our new yard art....zipline, and to that I say....great minds think alike!

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Following Him said...

What a great idea though :o