Tuesday, November 25, 2008

The Baby Bulge

I've decided that a tummy tuck is the only way I'm ever going to lose the post baby bulge. It's the kind of bulge that you can't suck in, and it's the kind of bulge that doesn't go away with exercise, and it's the kind of bulge that when you lose weight....it's not weight lost from the bulge. I have had 2 of my girls, Drew and Bryna, ask me if I still had a baby in my tummy. Fortunately they haven't asked me that in a while, but they have both asked me at some point after having Elli. The conversations went something like this....

B: Mommy, when are you having another baby?
Me: Well honey, I don't know if we will have another baby.
B: Well don't you already have one in your tummy?
Me: Oh no honey....that's just left over from having Elli.

D: (while patting my tummy with a big grin on her face) Mommy, I think you have a baby in your tummy.
Me: I wish I could say that I did, but....I don't. It's just fat, stretched out skin that will never go away; but don't let that hinder you from ever wanting to have children.

I'm not really a vain person...I mean I like to look presentable - most of the time, and I am not interested in plastic surgery (not against it for whomever may want it, but I'm not really interested); so a tummy tuck will probably never happen...besides the fact that it costs a small fortune, and it would be painful. So I guess I'll just live with my post 5 babies bulge. So when you see me and may wonder to yourself....hmmm is she expecting? You can know that I'm not expecting (a baby that is) , it's just leftover from the 5 children I have already birthed. I came to the realization that a bikini would NEVER be in my future bathing suit wearing wardrobe again, and I'm okay with that.


Jay @halftime lessons said...

What a great blog, and your family is INFECTIOUS. Cant wait to come back.


Tiaras and Tantrums said...

oh man - I so want one too - my tummy skin just sags from 3 babies!! I hate it!

angie said...

I've embraced mine as well. NO WAY will I have a tummy tuck......b/c of the scar and the healing. I had a C-Section and that's all the abdominal healing I'm willing to do. :)