Wednesday, November 26, 2008

A Girl Can Never Have Too Many Shoes

The other night I was cleaning out Elliot's closet (actually it's a shiftrobe, she doesn't have a real closet), when NPayne walked in and the following conversation occured...

NPayne: Lookin' good (unfortunately he wasn't talking about me, he was talking about the fact that we could now open her drawers; because they weren't so crammed full).
Me: I'm almost finished. I just have to put these clothes in the summer tub, and put these in the "To Be Donated" pile.
NPayne: You need to go through her shoes. She's the 2 year old version of Imelda Marcos. I mean seriously does anyone need that many shoes...especially a 2 year old?
Me: Uhhhh...I already did go through her shoes. That's what I'm keeping (wink)!


FXSmom said...

my hubby doesn't get the whole shoe thing either. One or two pairs just don't cut it!!!

Following Him said...

That cracks me up!!! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!!!

Mom2three said...

I love it! Only has been a shoe-a-holic since she was a tot. I've called the American Imelda but she doesn't get it. Thanks for the smile! Don't you just love the feeling of sorting through, donating, and having more room?