Tuesday, November 25, 2008

We May Have Never Met, But I Feel Like I've Known You For Years!

I am fairly new to the world of blogging. I really just started, reading and contributing, a few months ago. I have looked at a ton of blogs over the last few months and have definitely found some that I really enjoy reading. I was telling NPayne that it was funny how all the blogs, I really enjoyed, basically focused on the same things....parenting (serious and definitely with a sense of humor), creativity, photos (LOVE THIS), and almost every single blog I've read has some sort of spiritual or Christian background as well. NPayne joked about this and said you have to believe in God to raise children, so you have someone to pray to for forgiveness (as I said, it was a joke). It is true, how many of the blogs I read, cling to the savior and give thanks and adoration for God's will whatever it may be. I love the fact that most all of the blogs that I read daily mention our Lord, The Bible, devotions, or Jesus , or prayers. It makes me feel, in a weird way, like I know all these mothers and a few fathers (which I do personally know a few) and have a connection with them; but for the most part I've never met most of these inspiring people. As a "new" blogger, I am still oftentimes nervous about receiving a comment (not knowing what the opinion may be); but I truly treasure the kind comments I receive and encouraging words that I need. I learn a lot from other people's perspectives and their stories. I love to read your blogs and laugh out loud and sometimes shed a tear, but I truly am honored when I am asked to pray for someone or some situation from afar or encouraged to pray for my own children and am so encouraged that the power of prayer is so prevalant in the blogging community. NPayne and I taught a lesson, in our adult SS, this past week on prayer. It is a vital part of being in relationship with our savior, and I am now finding that it is helping me build relationships with people I have never met but feel like I've know for a very long time. It's truly AWESOME, and it brings me joy to be a part of it.

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Following Him said...

Prayer is such a powerful thing and sometimes gets left behind in my world called life. Thanks for the reminder and yes I have found MANY new blogs to read and be thankful for :)