Sunday, November 30, 2008

Sunday Sermon Summary

Today's sermon was led by our Associate Pastor, Cindy, whom I have blogged about in the past and LOVE to hear speak. She spoke on the first Sunday in Advent which for our church focuses on Worshipping More. It was titled Worship Fully. She talked, once again, about how we as Christians can sometimes bury the birth of Christ in all of the "fun, perfectly acceptable and exciting activities" that we have planned for the holidays. Today she simply suggested that we scoot our favorite chair closer to the fire place and warm up to other words, spend more time in worship this Christmas season. She also suggested that we look at all of the "fun, perfectly acceptable and exciting activities" (these are my words not hers), that we have on our calendars and maybe mark one, two or a few off of our list; so that we can spend more time in worship instead of rushing around trying to get all of these things accomplished. My pastors don't think you should give up your traditions or activities completely, they just want us to remember the true meaning of CHRISTmas...the baby! They just want us to make time to worhip and give thanks for the baby and to do that with our families, as well as, in our own private time. I was encouraged by her sermon, as usual, because I had just told NPayne last night that I wasn't putting up all of our decorations this year. We would decorate the tree and hang our stockings. If he wanted to hang lights on our house, that was completely up to him; because I am not in charge of that daunting task. We are keeping it simple but still festive, and I am excited about that.

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Following Him said...

AMEN to this :) I posted on this earlier today and was blown away at what she said.