Sunday, November 30, 2008

Mi Familia....Take Tres

Here we are again....The Magnificent Seven plus 3...The Magnificent Aunt Melinda, Uncle Matt and Grandma. Melinda is NPayne's older sister (I use the term "older" lightly, because she's actually the same age as I am), and Matt is her beau(they're not married YET). Grandma is NPayne's mother, Madalyn, so here you have a larger version of The Payne Train. NPayne has one other sister, who lives far far far away; so she was not able to be in our photo. This photo was actually taken last February, by a good friend and photographer Cathy. If you look closely at Elli, you can tell it was taken several months ago; because she has a lot more hair in the other 2 family photos. NPayne and I gave our mothers, this photo session, for Christmas last year. My mother was suppose to be there that day to take photos with us, but there were some extenuating circumstances (very long and complicated story) that kept her from being there that day. So....I decided we would do our own version on Thanksgiving, including Moo, so I could frame these all together in one of my really cool old barnwood frames (previous post) which holds three 11x14 photos. I can't wait to put this picture and the other two (take uno and take dos) photos in that frame. I am very proud of my family and have been so very blessed to have such a wonderful family by blood and by marriage. I thank God for them every day.

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