Monday, November 24, 2008


This week, I did NOT do the following....
1. I did not continually check MckMama's blog to see if I won her contest, then when I checked this morning to see that she picked a winner that was not me, I did not feel the least bit disappointed (I really wanted that photography stuff); AND I did NOT feel so good about who she chose when I went to Blessings and Glory's blog that I literally shed a tear. Good choice MckMama!
2. I did NOT spend my entire day yesterday hanging pictures of my family in my house....because I do NOT already have about a million scattered about our walls.
3. I am NOT excited about the prospect of going to see my friends, Leslie and Jeff, today and fishing at their private lake....NOT one little tiny bit.
4. I did NOT absolutely did NOT cry in church yesterday while I sang Blessed Be The Name.
5. I am NOT happy that NPayne never got the stomache bug that the other 6 of us had last week.
6. I am NOT at all completely pumped up and thrilled to have my children home from school for an entire week, and I am NOT one bit excited about Thanksgiving approaching!
7. I did not let my girls paint their own masterpieces to give to their cousin for her birthday, and I did NOT try to figure out how I could just keep those masterpieces for my own.
8. I am NOT really really excited about organizing and redoing some spaces in my house!!!
9. I did NOT agree to meet my friend for a nice lunch on Saturday, with 3 of my daughters in tow, only to realize that they looked like complete ragmuffins. We did NOT go into the nice restaurant looking like we had been playing outside all morning (and need a sponge bath in the bathroom to remove the dirt from their faces and fingernails)...we would NEVER do that.
10. Last but certainly NOT least....once again I did not get giddy when I saw that gas was $1.65/gallon....WOO HOO!
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Mom2three said...

I love the song "Blessed Be the Name". it has been a special song for me. I play my flute/Irish whistle on the worship team and we played that for a missionary's funeral (his family had just completed the NT translation and sent it off for printing when he had a massive heart attack and died on the field) at the request of his wife. I think of that song when things are so tough and one is barely hanging on, yet Blessed be His name. It always makes me want to drop to my knees and raise my hands, but that's hard to do with an instrument in my hands!

I loved your "Not Me" this week! You seem to celebrate your children and let them have fun while living life. Kuddos to you!

Following Him said...

I totally did not laugh at the fact that you called your kiddos rafamuffins or the fact that I am not jealous at them having a whole week off of school!!!

Anonymous said...

1.65....r u serious it is 2.14 here :(